First of all, let us welcome you all to the about page of Luggage Talk. We are glad to have you as our avid reader. So here you will be getting one step closer to know more about us.

We love to travel and fly to different countries and visit different regions frequently. As a result, we have to pick between several travel products while buying them. After searching a while on the internet, we found that we are not the only one who is struggling in picking up the best luggage products and hence here you are.

We are a team of three people who started Luggage Talk with the sole purpose of reviewing all of the luggage/traveling products and making a list of them to help the user in picking up the best possible product. So here is a little information about us:

Terry J. Conner

Terry is a professional photographer who loves to visit rare places on the planet and click awesome pictures and moments at times. He is from California and currently living in Los Angeles. Apart from photography, he invests most of the time in reading books and literature.

Ronald P. Walls

Ronald is a freelancer and occasional journalist. He loves to work on the projects that include using the latest technology as well as projects that are helpful to human-kind. He is from Miami and currently living in Los Angeles.

Frank L. Thomas

Frank is a fashion designer and a vlogger. He is very enthusiastic about the latest fashion trends of every category. Terry & Frank often travel places together and this is actually how they met.

If you want to know more about any of them use the contact us page.