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Best Mia Toro Luggage Reviews – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

I know:

…Choosing comfortable luggage bag within a budget is a tough task.


After reading this Mia toro luggage reviews, I’m sure you will find your best one with whom you can enjoy traveling journey.

We have covered top Mia Toro branded luggage bags in this guide which will be within your budget and also have used best materials.

Let’s see the list:

10 Best Mia Toro Luggage Reviews

ModelOur ScoreCheck Lowest Price
Mia Toro’s Fibre Di Carbonio Elite Polished Carbon Fiber Wheeled Luggage4.8Click Here
Mia Toro Perla Hardside Spinner Carry-On4.8Click Here
Mia Toro Lega Spazzolato Hardside 25 Inch Spinner4.8Click Here
Tasca Fusion Hardside 24″ Spinner4.5Click Here
Mia Toro Onda Fusion Hardside 24 Inch Spinner4.5Click Here
Hontus Carry-On4Click Here
Mia Toro Madesimo Softside Spinner Carry-On4Click Here

#1. Mia Toro’s Fibre Di Carbonio Elite Polished Carbon Fiber Wheeled Luggage

Mia Toro's Fibre Di Carbonio Elite Polished Carbon Fiber Wheeled LuggageIt’s simple and authentic model from Mia Toro brand that is best selling product on the Amazon. This luggage is one of the best Italian product that comes with smooth four wheels, built in TSA lock with a three-dial combination for the secure packing.

You have different size options of 19-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch and full set to choose from. It’s also available in different colors white and blue at the Amazon. It’s made from lightweight lining material and perfectly designed for the traveling long run trips.

The Gliding wheels allow you to move luggage in any direction, so it helps you to glide easily when you are traveling in the crowded area.

The best feature?

With scratch resistant finish it is able to retain its look and durability for numerous years.


  • It is incorporated with wheels that allow smooth movement even in crowded areas.
  • The lightweight and gel grip makes it easy to carry to long distances.
  • The finish is scratch resistant and hence tends to hold the appearance for long years.
  • With TSA lock mechanism it offers additional security to your stuff.
  • You can choose from four different colors.
  • The design is simple yet trendy.


  • The luggage might appear simple in looks.
  • The interiors are not sectioned into compartments and hence lack organized packing of stuff.

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#2. Mia Toro Perla Hardside Spinner Carry-On

Mia Toro Perla Hardside Spinner Carry-On, Pink, One SizeIf you are looking for the best carry-on luggage at the budget price, then I would definitely recommend you to go with Mia Toro Perla hard side spinner model.

It’s easily durable, and well made from strong textile lining material, and its inside dimensions are 20 x 14 x 9 inches, and weight is six pounds.

It comes with ergonomic gel grip extendable handle that helps to carry when luggage is highly loaded with the items and won’t hurt your hands.


  • The textile lining gives additional protection to your stuff.
  • The ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle.
  • TSA approved lock offers enhanced safety to your products.
  • Recessed modern mold design for classy and attractive look


  • There are limited color options.
  • The exterior is simple and might not impress you in first glance.

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#3. Mia Toro Lega Spazzolato Hardside 25 Inch Spinner

Mia Toro Lega Spazzolato Hardside 25 Inch SpinnerOne of the advantages is going with Mia Toro brand is you will get beautiful and lightweight luggage bag that will change your travel experience to the next level for sure.

The bottom line?

I’m going to show you one of best hard side spinner luggage that began with one complex goat of providing classical design and craftsmanship in one bag called Mia toro lega spazzolato.

It’s made with finest four wheels, easy to handle grips, hard side composite and utmost detail to crafted and perfection.

When we talk about design, It’s embossed ridged contemporary design with an armored corner, polished brush finish and lightweight armor-flex composite, rich color, Dura-lock friendly lock, lightweight trolley, gel grip handle and flex pack look.

The glide-tech dual wheel turns in multi-directions around 360 degrees that provide you smooth and stable motion while traveling.


  • Lightweight and imported armor flex composite.
  • Modern and trendy design ideal for that elite look.
  • The body is strong enough to carry heavy weight easily.
  • With spinner wheels the movement is easy and smooth.
  • A perfect luggage to carry for long tours.


  • It lacks small sections to pack tiny items.
  • The interior is not well-spacious, which you may find in other luggage.

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#4. Tasca Fusion Hardside 24″ Spinner

Tasca Fusion Hardside 24 SpinnerDesigned in Italy, Mia Toro Tasca fusion hard side luggage bag will serve you beautiful travel experience for sure.

It comes with 100% polyester material. Hence it’s durable and resistant to most of the chemicals. It can be dried quickly because of its hydrophobic nature.

It has contemporary embossed curve design that looks beautiful and simple.

It’s available only in one size and one color red although I would say It’s one of the suggested luggage bags within a tight budget.


  • Made with polyester material it holds lasting durability.
  • The big size offers spacious storage.
  • The footrest is steady and convenient.
  • Despite lightweight, the body is strong and hard.
  • The side handle adds to the convenience of carrying it in the crowd.


  • There is only one compartment for packing. Hence don’t expect organized packing.
  • The luggage is available in only limited color options.

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#5. Mia Toro Onda Fusion Hardside 24 Inch Spinner

Mia Toro Onda Fusion Hardside 24 Inch SpinnerInspired by waves, Mia Toro has developed onda fusion hard side 24-inch spinner luggage bag.It has a contemporary and creative design.

It comes with the Lightweight armor-flex composite material, ergonomic gel grip handle for carrying high weight. A glide-tech dual multidirectional 360 degrees four wheels allow you to move luggage in any direction with ease.

A polished metallic finish with energic and vibrant color improve the design of the bag. It’s available in four different colors black, blue, gray and orange. The textile lining on the front side resist the unwanted chemicals and attacks.


  • The look is ultra-modern and classy.
  • The multidirectional 360 degrees wheel offers smooth traction even on rough surfaces.
  • The polished metallic finish adds more charm to its appearance.
  • The size is big enough.


  • The exterior shell is simple and slightly soft.
  • It does not come with TSA lock system for additional safety of your stuff.

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#6.  Mia Toro Prado Exotic Life Hardside Spinner

MIA TORO PRADO EXOTIC LIFE HARDSIDE 24IN SPINNERWhen you want a long-term warranty with quality, then Mia toro Prado exotic would be the best option to go with.

It comes with worldwide ten years cloud protection app that secures your personal items and if any part damages, from an app you can replace it with few clicks and the new part will be shipped to you within few days.

The best part?

You don’t have to call him. You will get a virtual warranty when you purchase the luggage bag, and your all claims are handled through the app.

Made in Italy, It has a fabric lining and simple and straight front end side with nice color variations. It has been developed with lightweight armor-flex composite with fiber finishing.


  • The product comes with 10 years long warranty, which is quite good.
  • TSA lock mechanism offers safety to your stuff.
  • Composite gloss carbon fiber finishing makes its appearance attractive and trendy.
  • The interior is sectioned into compartments for organized packing of stuff.
  • The fabric lining makes it more durable.


  • It lacks retractable handle that other luggage have.
  • The exterior is too colorful, which you might not like.

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#7. Mia Toro Polipropilene Hardside Spinner

MIA TORO POLIPROPILENE HARDSIDE 24IN SPINNERIt comes with recessed modern mold design, that looks simple and creative and made with lightweight armor-flex composite.

Ergonomic gel grip handle allows you to carry heavy weight while you are traveling. It has slim TSA lock that gives you protection.

The tech-glide single wheel multidirectional 360 degrees rotated wheels lets you to move luggage in any directions easily.


  • It is available in various color options to choose from.
  • The finish is smooth and stylish, perfect for the elite class.
  • The spinner wheels offer convenient gliding even on rough areas.
  • The exterior holds excellent resistance to scratch.
  • The interior comes with pockets and straps for convenient packing.


  • It does not hold a side handle, which most individuals prefer for convenience.
  • It is ideal for mid-size packaging and may not solve the purpose if you are planning to pack more stuff.

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#8. Mia Toro Moderno Hardside Spinner

MIA TORO MODERNO HARDSIDE 24IN SPINNERWhen we talk about strength and well-crafted luggage bags, then we can’t forget to include Mia toro Moderno hard side 24-inch spinner bag in the list.

It’s a perfect combination of perfection, and strength that would give you new exciting traveling experience.

It’s designed in Italy and available in two different colors black, and purple in the 24-inch size.


  • The multidimensional reverse mold design with straight lining on front side is ideal for creative look.
  • Ergonomic gel grip offers convenient handling of the luggage.
  • The side handle allows the comfortable carrying of luggage even in a crowd.
  • The big size offers enough space to pack everything that you wish to carry.
  • The luggage slides smoothly on rough areas.


  • The exterior shell is quite soft. Hence, you may not be able to carry hefty items.
  • There are no separate pockets in the interior.

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#9. Hontus Carry-On

mia toro Hontus Carry-OnIf you are looking for carry-on luggage with Mia Toro brand then Mia toro hamasa hard side spinner could be a great choice.

The best part?

It’s made of lightweight armor-flex composite fabric material which can be carried easily in heavyweight also. It comes with company’s designed dura lock TSA, so you don’t need to put an external lock.

The ergonomic gel grip handle helps you to carry heavy weight while you are traveling and won’t start pain in your hands.


  • The flexible pack design offers additional 2 inches space for packing more stuff.
  • It is a compact luggage best for small travels.
  • The TSA lock system offers the absolute security of the stuff.
  • The design is elegant and trendy.


  • The luggage does not hold excellent resistance to scratches.
  • It is not a choice for you if you are looking for simple and elite design.

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#10. Mia Toro Madesimo Softside Spinner Carry-On

Mia Toro Madesimo Softside Spinner Carry-OnIf you are looking for multi-compartment luggage bags, then I would say Mia toro madesimo soft side spinner carry-on bag ready to go.

Do you want to organize your clothes, important documents, and other stuff?

Then madesimo soft side spinner carries on zipper divider helps you in this case. A fully zippered panel creates the second compartment to keep your possessions well organized during the travel journey.

When we talk about design, then It provides you flex pack design for adding 20-25% more items into the bag.

The multidirectional 360 degrees movable four wheels can rotate in any direction, and dura TSA Lock makes this bag to an extra level.


  • There are numerous zipper compartments in the luggage that aids organized packing of the stuff.
  • With the flexible design, you can pack more stuff with ease.
  • It is available in various color options to choose from.
  • Not only the interior but even the exterior offers convenient packing option.
  • It comes with side handle offering complete convenience to carry.
  • The exterior fabric lining makes it easy to clean.
  • It holds excellent resistance to scratch.


  • The design is simple and not too trendy.
  • It is not suitable to carry heavy stuff.
  • The fabric lining does not offer much protection to your stuff.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Mia Toro Luggage

#1. Design and Look – The luggage from Mia Toro are known for their outstanding design and exceptional appearance. Hence, make sure you make a wise choice by selecting the best design for yourself.

#2. Textures – Most of the models from Mia Toro are created with hard cases. But each one has its own unique texture. Acid wash, matte, carbon fiber, limestone, and high gloss finish are some prominent textures. So, one that meets your requirements.

#3. Size – Make sure you always pick a luggage that can serve all your needs. Hence, do check the size of the luggage before finalizing it.

#4. Wheels – If you don’t want to engage in any hassle, then shop for a luggage that offers smooth gliding and movement even on rough surfaces.

#5. Safety – Most of the luggage from this brand come with TSA lock feature. But still, it would be wise to check beforehand the security system offered so that you don’t experience any problem later on.

#6. Interiors – If you like to keep your things organized then make sure you shop for a luggage having numerous interior compartments. This will offer you with convenient and organized packing for small to big stuff.

Final Thoughts on Mia Toro Luggage Reviews:

When we compare mia toro vs samsonite brands then mia toro has a great option to choose luggage for long run trips.

Mostly, It depends upon what’s your requirements during traveling and according to you have to choose best Mia toro luggage bags.

If you are going on a long journey, then Mia toro madesimo soft side would be the great option to choose.

I hope you liked this article, If so, then don’t forget to share on social media and with friends to make him/her journey wonderful.

Thank you!

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5 responses to “Best Mia Toro Luggage Reviews – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!”

  1. Cases are great as you’ve said
    Use it every week for business travel
    The only issue has wheels eventually worn down
    Have you any idea where I could source replacement wheels
    I have the carry-on sized Lega Spazzolato

    1. Ronald P. Walls Avatar
      Ronald P. Walls

      Thanks for commenting here!
      You can directly contact to the Mia Toro company for further assistant. They can give you the perfect solution for your problem.
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you.

  2. what is the little hidden strap on the top of the bag for? It’s too short to hook onto another bag.
    Please advise? Thank you.

  3. RW Stanley Avatar
    RW Stanley

    I purchased the 29” M1007 bag and liked a lot until one of the wheels broke after only the second domestic trip and lightly loaded. I have had no success contacting Mia Toro for warrantee or replacement wheels.
    The website directs you to Luggage Repair on Wilcrest Houston however they do not have any connection with MT nor do they carry their wheels and are not affiliated with their 10 year Cloud protection. They have tried to contact MT regarding the website however had no success, similar to my experience.
    Their support is non existent and THIS BAG FAILED far earlier than the many bags I have previously used extensively.
    Do not recommend based on my one successful trip experience.

    1. Terry J. Conner Avatar
      Terry J. Conner

      Hello There,

      Didn’t face anything like that with Mia Toro. I will recommend you to contact higher authorities via their email or phone numbers

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